Support Fun, Safe Summer Vacations for Myrtle Beach Visitors

As a vacationer in Myrtle Beach and a guest at the Dayton House Resort, we want to make sure you understand the beach rules that the city has put in place to ensure your safety and fun family vacation.  Please see the following to create the best vacation to Myrtle Beach:

* Beach Tents: Beach tents and umbrellas can come in handy on a hot day in the sans and sun, but there are restrictions on when, where and what you can use to make your own shade. From Memorial Day (May 29) through Labor Day (Sept. 4), only umbrellas are allowed on the beach. They must be placed along or behind the high-tide line and cannot remain up overnight. This allows lifeguards full vision down the beach and gives emergency vehicles an unimpeded path to respond. The maximum size for umbrellas is 7 1/2 feet in diameter.

* Bicycles: Riding a bike on the beach is fun, but it can be hazardous for other beachgoers on foot. For this reason, bikes are prohibited on the beach between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. each day from May 1 through Sept. 4. However, guests at Long Bay Resort have easy access to the new bike lanes that run along Ocean Boulevard and provide an alternative seaside route.

* Contraband: The City of Myrtle Beach's year-round laws prohibit certain items and activities from the beach, such as alcoholic beverages, glass containers, campfires, fireworks, littering, and the destruction of sea oats and sand dunes. Fortunately for guests at Long Bay Resort, the Oceanview Cafe offers cold drinks, hot food and a lovely view, and the poolside Tiki Bar also serves frozen drinks. There are trash cans and recycling bins located at every beach access for easy disposal.

* Dogs: Although dogs are allowed on the beach during the summer months, there are time restrictions and other rules owners must follow. Between May 1 and Sept. 4, dogs are not allowed on the beach between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. At all times, dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than 7 feet, and owners are required to clean up after their dogs.

* Surf Zones: Swimmers and surfers love Myrtle Beach, but keeping the two separated is an important part of beach safety. The City of Myrtle Beach has established five “surf zones” between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. during the summer months, and guests at Long Bay Resort are right in the middle of two of the most popular surf zones in town — between 62nd and 68th Avenues North, and between 78th and 81st Avenues North. Other surf zones include from 29th Avenue South to the southernmost city limits, from 34th to 47th Avenues North, and from 87th Avenue North to the northernmost city limits.

 * Watercraft: The use of jet-skis, sailboats, sailboards, kite-surfing boards and other heavy water-sports equipment is banned within 100 yards of the beach between May 1 and Sept. 4. Local water-sports outfitters can provide specific instructions on when and where you can take part in these activities.

Remember, rules are in place for a safe, secure and memorable family vacation here at the Dayton House Resort.

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