Renovations At Dayton House Resort

For the last seven years, Dayton House Resort has been methodically updating, upgrading and renovating its property to provide a better experience for its guests. As the most recent round of renovations nears completion, we wanted to share with you the improvements that have been made to the property over the years. From new elevators to fresh coats of paint and stylish new suites, guests are sure to enjoy the recent renovations at Dayton House Resort.

Past Renovations at Dayton House Resort

Dayton House’s first round of renovations began in the fall of 2017 and were completed in Spring 2018. The following updates and upgrades were completed:

Every Single Dayton House Unit Renovated
  • Guest Rooms — In the South Tower, guests discovered brand-new flooring throughout the units, including new tile in the entryways, foyers and bathrooms, as well as new carpet in the living areas. Dayton House guests also saw new granite countertops in their kitchenettes and their bathrooms. The units received new cabinets, new paint, new lighting throughout, new mattresses and box springs, new draperies and all-new contemporary furniture creating a stylish new look and feel.
  • Hallways — Guests also found renovations and upgrades in the South Tower’s hallways. Here, fresh paint, new carpet and new LED lighting improved the Dayton House experience for guests as they made their way to and from their rooms.
  • Lobby — In the South Tower lobby, guests were treated to a complete makeover including new carpet, new lighting, new tables and chairs, freshly painted walls and new artwork.

A former general manager said, “From the very beginning, there was much emphasis placed on building strong personal relationships with everyone who stayed with us [at the Dayton House Resort]. This tradition of ‘extended family’ is still very alive and in practice here daily… Modernization is also a key component in building lasting and positive vacation experiences. The renovation to the South Building is yet another step in maintaining the warm rapport we have with our longtime patrons and a tool for attracting a new generation to our brand.”

The next round of renovations at Dayton House spanned from 2019 to 2020. Similar to the previous updates, guest suites and rooms were renovated and hallways underwent major facelifts. The following upgrades were completed: 

  • Guest Rooms & Suites — Guests staying in the North, West and Middle Towers, as well as the Suites Building, found all new flooring and furniture throughout. All the units boasted gorgeous new touches of fun beachy greens and blues in the bedding, drapery and accents creating a comfortable and relaxing environment. The kitchenettes featured new cabinetry, appliances and countertops, and every room received a fresh new coat of paint.
  • Hallways — Guests also found renovations and upgrades in the Towers’ hallways. Here, fresh paint, new carpet and new LED lighting improved the Dayton House experience. The West Tower received a new elevator and all-new balcony furniture as well. 

One of the former managers noted that Dayton House has changed a little. He said, “We still have that mom-and-pop feel with the No. 1 service on the beach, but we’ve just given a bit more modern feel to our accommodations.” With a history of excellent service and maintenance, Dayton House Resort still feels like the welcome home guests have always known at the beach – just with a few upgrades.

Oceanfront Kitchenette at Dayton House

Recent Renovations at Dayton House Resort

With all-new interiors nearly completed, Dayton House turned its attention to the building exteriors in 2021. Each building would be stripped, waterproofed and receive a fresh coat of paint with a new color palette. As of Spring 2022, the Middle Tower is completed, and the North and South Towers are underway. The Suites Building will be privy to these same improvements in late Autumn. Each tower is also receiving balcony remediation including repairs and a fresh coat of paint.  

As the exteriors were enhanced, Dayton House has continued to improve its guest experience with new RFID locks installed throughout the property in early 2022. Guests now have the option to download a free Dayton House App that serves as a room key. The app also allows guests to book a stay, complete check-in paperwork and receive up-to-date notifications from the resort. 

In Spring 2022, the North and South Tower are also receiving new elevators with one elevator currently complete in each building, and the second elevator is already underway. General Manager Paul Garcia says, “While our service sets us apart along the Grand Strand, we do not rest solely on this aspect of hospitality. We understand the importance of updates and renovations, not only to our long-time patrons but to those searching for new vacation experiences.  Our commitment to providing generations of family fun continues and evolves.”

Resort Manager Mitchell Martin reiterated this resort-wide commitment. “For two generations beach enthusiasts have come to appreciate and expect friendly, personal service from our team.  The relationships we have maintained have resulted, in large part, in the Dayton House Resorts’ uncommon longevity. We are grateful to be considered a trusted source of positive, lasting vacation memories.”  

The Dayton House Resort Experience

While the spotlight is currently on the newly renovated guest rooms and technology updates, some things will always remain the same. The Dayton House Resort has built a reputation of second-to-none service with heaps of classic Southern hospitality. In its history, Dayton House has subtly kept up with the times without losing that attention to service detail. That devotion has led to several awards including:

  • Guest Services Team of the Year (two consecutive years)
  • Housekeeping Team of the Year
  • Resort of the Year
Outdoor Lawn_DaytonHouse-2014

Other luxurious amenities that will remain unchanged at the Dayton House Resort are the iconic yellow umbrellas dotting the two-acre oceanfront tanning lawn, the complimentary breakfast buffet served every morning at the resort and the wide variety of family-friendly fun hosted each week. 

Every stay at Dayton House Resort includes full access to our water features including the zero-entry oceanfront pool, the relaxing oceanfront lazy river, multiple indoor pools and three hot tubs. Guests love the Yella Umbrella Poolside Bar & Grill for afternoon snacks by the pool. And don’t forget the fitness center, business center and laundry facility located on the resort’s oceanfront property. 

With all of the updates and upgrades set to be unveiled, we can’t wait to host your next Myrtle Beach vacation. Book your stay at oceanfront resort today to see for yourself all the new and exciting features (and the same old charm) that Dayton House has to offer you and your family! 

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