Mini-Golf Capital of the World

As you drive around the Myrtle Beach area, you will notice that there are lots of options to choose for a family-friendly game of mini-golf, but if you want to try some of the most unique themed courses, we put together a list for you.

Dragon’s Lair Fantasy Golf: This medieval-themed putt-putt course located at Myrtle Beach shopping/dining/entertainment hot spot Broadway at the Beach sends golfers — armed with a putter instead of a sword — for a rendezvous with a ferocious, fire-breathing dragon named Sir Alfred. The 36-hole layout features bridges, caves, a Viking ship and a realistic castle with a drawbridge. This is a great place to let the younger set putt around while the grown-ups check out the shops and restaurants at Broadway at the Beach, or for both the young and the old members of your vacation crew to catch a fun-filled family round. Get a sneak peek of the course at

Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf: Sure to excite both the young and the young at heart in your vacation crew, this Neverland-themed mini-golf course on North Kings Highway sees players navigate pirate ships, snapping crocodiles, dark caves and roaring waterfalls during a round. Other adventures to pursue on the pair of 18-hole layouts here include a Tinkerbell rescue, a trek through a dangerous skull cave and a visit to Captain Hook’s ship. Save your best shot for last, as the course’s final hole features a long shot down the side of a mountain that rewards hole-in-one swings with a free round. Explore all the adventures you can tee up at

Mount Atlanticus Minotaur Golf: Found on North Kings Highway in the heart of downtown Myrtle Beach, this Atlantis island-themed course caters to fans of the old-school putt-putt courses. Its 18-hole high course features tiki huts offering great views of downtown Myrtle Beach, while a separate, 18-hole indoor course below the man-made mountains lets duffers beat the rain or the heat. Get a preview of all the fun in store for your family at

Lost Mine Miniature Golf: Located just steps from the seashore on Ocean Boulevard in downtown Myrtle Beach, the 18 holes of this gold rush-themed mini-golf course get harder and harder as players progress from hole to hole. Golfers of all ages will have a blast putting through corkscrews, over bridges and around boulders as they navigate the twists, turns and secrets of the course’s Lost Mine Quarry and old mill. Plan your search for golf-course gold at the course’s website.

Lost Treasure Golf: Inspired by the expeditions of fictional explorer, anthropologist, archaeologist, paleontologist, University of Chicago professor and part-time taxidermist Duffer A. Hacker — who, legend says, led a pair of 1920s-era expeditions to the Fogclift Islands off the coast of South America — this course featuring a pair of 18-hole layouts gets the fun rolling fast with a mining-train ride to the opening holes on the mountaintop. From there, players embark on a search for hidden gold and diamond mines as they follow Hacker’s historical path and putt their way through an exhilarating round of mini-golf fun. Explore all the fun in store at

After celebrating your win, head back to Dayton House Resort and enjoy all of the amenities offered.  Lounge by the infinity pool, float around the lazy river, or grab a refreshing drink from the Yella Umbrella.  Plan your Myrtle Beach vacation today,

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