Looking to Step up Your Vacation Photography?

Who doesn't want to brag to the world that they are on vacation, in Myrtle Beach at The Dayton House Resort?  But we are challenging you to step it up and really get your family and friends back home curious about what you are doing.  Here are some really cool ways to highlight your vacation by using a little different photography perspective.

One of the best ways to create a family photo album filled with funny shots, and to generate a lot of likes and shares on social media, is to play with perspective. You've seen trick photography that makes a person or object appear very large or small because of the way the shot is framed? It's not as difficult as you might think (it all has to do with the distance of your subjects from the camera), and the beach serves as the perfect backdrop for perspective pics – not only for its photogenic beauty, but also the ocean's endless horizon that provides a proportionless canvas for a creative shot.

The mistake a lot of amateur photographers make while trying to take perspective pics is choosing the wrong backdrop. The least little thing can throw the intended effect out of whack, such as bystanders are vehicles in the background that are a dead giveaway. With a eastern visual horizon of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean, the Myrtle Beach oceanfront makes it easy to play with proportionality so that the possibilities are as limitless as your creativity. Here are a few suggestions for snapping cool perspective vacation pics:

* Beach Bucket List: Beach toys can be fun in more ways than one. Send your subjects to the shoreline and tell them to pose like they are frightened by something overhead while you hold a bucket upside down hovering over them. The result is a hilarious shot of tiny kids being trapped by a beach bucket.

* Catch Some Sun: One of the most magical moments in Myrtle Beach occurs every morning at sunrise when a bright orange ball of light appears over the horizon and hangs low in the colorful sky. On clear days, this beautiful image also gives photographers a chance to snap some interesting perspective pics. Get the family up early and let them take turns holding the giant ball of gas in their hands, or kicking it like a soccer ball.

* Snapping at Sunset: If your subjects aren’t early risers, similar shots can be taken at sunrise, although it's trickier to find a good backdrop to the west on the Grand Strand. Try the Intracoastal Waterway or some of the scenic salt marshes on the South Strand.

* Full Moon Rising: If your Myrtle Beach summer vacation happens to line up with a full moon cycle (July 27, Aug. 26), you can get some nice early evening shots using the moon in the eastern sky. It rises over the ocean around sunset and provides excellent perspective photo opps. You can catch a near-full moon a day or two before and after the peak.

* Clouds in your Coffee: Myrtle Beach gets a lot of picture-perfect days with blue skies and a few fluffy clouds in the sky. Let your imagination run wild with the shape of those clouds and engage the little ones in trying to identify objects. One easy target is a small, round cloud that will fit perfectly in a coffee mug or atop an ice cream cone.

These can be shot on the beach or from the comfort of your private balcony at The Dayton House Resort. You can take other tricky shots using some of the Grand Strand’s most popular attractions as props, like the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel or the giant ape atop the Hollywood Wax Museum. Be share to share them on Dayton House Resort Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts after your picture-perfect Myrtle Beach vacation.

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