How to Find Shells and Sharks’ Teeth in Myrtle Beach

There are treasures found from the sea every day in Myrtle Beach.

They come in the form of sea glass, seashells, and sharks’ teeth. It’s fun to hit the beach early in the day or on a lazy afternoon, searching for gems. On any given beach, you could find anything, even fragile shells such as an angel wing or baby’s ear.

In the Carolinas, the crown jewel is the Scotch bonnet, North Carolina’s rare state shell.

Here are a few tips from shelling pros to getting the most out of your haul. Searching for the perfect shell, shark’s tooth, or sliver of sea glass? Want to fill a jar of Myrtle Beach beauties? These tips are for you.

Tips for finding sea treasures in Myrtle Beach

1. High tide is perfect for hunting shells

Often, we’re told low tide is the time to shell. But you’ll likely find more, especially shark teeth when the tide is coming in. Look for them where the waves break. You might even see smaller ones in the sand around you when you’re lounging in your beach chair.

Ocean Waves in the summer

2. Seek out the black

Fossilized sharks’ teeth are usually black, but can also be brown or gray. Some are hundreds of years old! Also, they’ll be shiny from exposure to water. Look for sharp points and angles among the tiny shell fragments in the sand.

Ocean Seashells on beach

3. Stick to shell beds for sharks’ teeth

As the tide rolls in over shell beds, you’ll find sharks’ teeth. Those waves wash away sand to expose these triangular beauties. Wade out into the water a bit too for handfuls of sand and shells to find more sharks’ teeth.

Ocean Tide Coming In

4. Visit spots others don’t

It’s awesome to be steps away from the ocean in your resort! But to find better shells, walk a bit down the shoreline. Also, look at the base of sand dunes, where storms might have pushed pretty shells up with strong waves.

Ocean with waves in Myrtle Beach

5. When you’re shell hunting, look for glass

Searching for sea glass requires patience. Pebbly shores are ideal hosts for shards of glass worn smooth from years in the ocean. You’ll find sea glass where the waves are, especially after a storm.

Ocean at Pink Sunset

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