Escape the Ordinary Vacation Plans With Myrtle Beach Escape Room Games

Most vacationers head to the beach to escape the routine or to get away from the daily grind — but a new Grand Strand attraction gives “beach escape” and “vacation getaway” an all-new meaning. At Myrtle Beach Escape Room Games, guests can bond and create memories while challenging themselves to a real-life (sort of, anyway) adventure.

With locations in Myrtle Beach and Surfside/Garden City, Myrtle Beach Escape Room Games offers a great way to foster teamwork and have some fun. Consider these fun game options next time you and your crew are looking to escape the ordinary activities:

Enchanted Castle: This extreme escape game doesn’t require that you have a large party to play — it’s geared toward just one or two players — and it encourages participants to think like a wizard.
Typical game length: 20 minutes

Walking Dead — Road to Survive: With zombies surrounding your safe house as your supplies begin to run critically low, someone must overcome their fear to get past the undead and save your group. Will you be the hero?
Typical game length: 1 hour

The Theater: Out for a night at the movies, you and your crew discover that a bomb has been set to blow up the theater in an hour — and, since you’re all locked in, your only chance for survival is to find and disarm the explosive device. Can you keep your cool and ensure a happy ending to this drama?
Typical game length: 1 hour

Jail Break: Incarcerated in your second-floor jail cell, you have a 1-hour window to navigate tunnels and other areas of the prison to mount your escape — all while prison guards and laser beams work to thwart your success. Can you make the break in time?
Typical game length: 1 hour

Island Dungeon Escape (Garden City location): Can you break your chains, ditch the dungeon, flee the fort and escape the island before your captors return? Find out if you have what it takes with this game.
Typical game length: 1 hour

Abducted Alien (Garden City location): This unique game challenges you and your cohorts to track down and release an abducted alien — and the fate of the planet depends on your success! Be an intergalactic hero by besting this game.
Typical game length: 1 hour

Myrtle Beach Escape Room Games also offers new Virtual Reality games and the Nobody Jones Magic Show — check them all out if you’re looking for even more adventure! Visit to learn more.

When you’re looking for an adventure that will entertain your entire vacation crew while bringing you all together for a common cause, look no further than Myrtle Beach Escape Room Games. And when you’re ready to plan your next escape to the Grand Strand, look no further than the wide-ranging accommodations and luxurious amenities found at The Dayton House Resort on the Myrtle Beach oceanfront — book your Myrtle Beach vacation today!

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