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5 Small Steps to Becoming a Better You in 2018

While most of us start each new year with the best of intentions, very few among us manage to maintain our New Year’s resolutions through December’s end. (In fact, per one commonly cited statistic, nearly 80 percent of our resolutions fail to last through mid-February.) So it makes sense that, in an effort to remedy this, many experts suggest taking small steps toward our ultimate goals.

Of course, the most popular resolutions each new year revolve around making health-related changes – exercising more, losing weight, eating better and similar pledges tend to top the list. In 2018, consider taking these five baby steps toward becoming a healthier you:

Eat Smarter: We’ve intentionally avoided using the term “diet” here – and that’s because making hard and fast changes to your eating habits seldom sticks. As your body has grown used to the types and amounts of foods you feed it, a crash diet can shock your system and can be hard to maintain. For a better chance of long-term success, try making smaller, more gradual changes to your diet by boosting the amounts of healthy food you eat and trimming your portion sizes. For example, replace that potato-chip snack with healthy fruits and nuts, and when dinnertime rolls around, resist the urge to go back for seconds. These changes will create healthier eating habits that you can build on later.

Drink More Water: There’s no better single formula for health that one of the most well-known and common ones – H2O. Make a regular habit of drinking water in place of those sugar-filled and caloric soft drinks, and your body will reap a range of benefits over time, including weight loss, added energy and improved skin. To help you make the break from those bubbly beverages, try adding sugar-free sweeteners to your water while you make the transition to the clear winner among healthy drink options.

Get More Exercise: This might be the New Year’s resolution that presents the biggest challenges and most quickly falls to the wayside for the largest numbers of us. And it makes sense, as it can be especially hard to get out and get moving early in the year when the weather outside is so frightful (and the couch is so warm and comfy). To combat this, consider developing an at-home exercise routine or investing in a piece of indoor training equipment like a stationary bike, then commit to spending 20-30 minutes a day on two to three days a week putting in a good workout. Once the weather warms up, you’ll be in the habit of keeping active and can more easily take your exercise routine outdoors.

Get Better Sleep: This should be a resolution that’s a little easier for most of us to keep. Researchers agree that getting proper amounts of sleep – at least seven hours per day for most of us – can help combat high blood pressure and weight gain while helping to keep us mentally sharp. Exhibiting how one healthy habit can support another, knocking out the above-mentioned exercise routines can help you fall asleep when it’s time to get some shut-eye.
Take More Vacations: We’ve saved the best for last. Another habit that shouldn’t be all too tough to incorporate, taking a break from your everyday stresses is important to both your physical and mental wellness. And guests at Myrtle Beach’s oceanfront Dayton House Resort are in a prime spot to kick back, relax and let their worries melt away.

These healthier-you ideas are listed in no particular order, so we promise not to tell if you decide to work your way up from the bottom of the list. Book your vacation at Dayton House Resort today, and get on your way to becoming a happier, healthier person in 2018!

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