5 Awesome Things To Add To Your Dayton House Itinerary

A Myrtle Beach vacation is no time for regrets.

We’re not saying you have to parasail while juggling flaming batons at midnight. Just that it’s good to have a plan when you plan your getaway to Myrtle Beach.

This is especially true when you stay at a Myrtle Beach tradition such as Dayton House. For generations, travelers have rested their weary heads on beds there, and not just because the beds are so comfy.

This list is for both those who know the pleasure of a Dayton House room on a Myrtle Beach weekend, and for those who have yet to experience it. Beach memories are made with the little things, too, and this resort, and this town, both have plenty of opportunities for those, too. We hope you’ll enjoy your next trip here.

The importance of the right resort

A good place to stay in Myrtle Beach is the one you can remain utterly worry-free. Whether it’s a day getaway or a weeklong excursion, you want nothing more than to relax, have great meals, and partake in your favorite activities. Dayton House amenities can provide that! You’ll have a mix of on-property fun and things to do close by.

Must-do activities at Dayton House

  1. Save $ on your Myrtle Beach escape

First and foremost, it’s great to get a deal, isn’t it? They are updating specials often, so make sure to check their special page and see which one works best for you.  Check out our specials.  Also, get a free hot breakfast daily. Dayton House resort offers a 48-hour risk-free cancellation to ease a bit of stress when it comes to travel right now.

Some restrictions apply. See the Dayton House reservations page for details. On the site, you can also see what various rooms are available and take a peek into them, too.

  1. Take a dip – yes, in November and December!

The spots that you cooled off during your summer fun in Myrtle Beach at Dayton House are still here and available for a bit of relaxation off-season, too.

Dayton House has several indoor pools and three hot tubs for you.

Visitors from cooler climates don’t mind the outdoor pool choices, either. Dayton House’s unique zero-entry pool is a hit. No steps, no ladder … just walk right in and get refreshed. Kids and grownups alike will love a leisurely spin in the lazy river, too.

Grab your favorite book and let time stand still as you get lost in it poolside at Dayton House.

The Rose Room

  1. Dine-in style – without leaving the resort

It’s like getting home cooking, away from home, with a touch of class, at Dayton House. We mentioned the deluxe hot breakfast. What a wonderful way to start the day, in the Rose Room. The Yella Umbrella poolside bar and grill has become a Myrtle Beach icon. Visit for a luscious burger off the grill. Pair it with a blended frozen treat to enjoy wide a beautiful side of incredible oceanfront views.

  1. Take time for yourself on the tanning lawn

Unwind on two acres of tanning lawn at Dayton House – one of the Grand Strand’s biggest such areas. Just look for those famous yellow umbrellas and genteel oceanfront gazebo.

You’ll find rows of reclining beach chairs, ideal for lingering in the sea breeze with a gorgeous ocean view.

  1. Dedicate a getaway to golf

Golfers: You probably already know Myrtle Beach is a golfer’s paradise. So how about combining two loves in one trip: An affinity for the beach, with a passion for your favorite game, with Dayton House as your home base for all the fun? Choose from a handful of stay-and-play golf packages to work on your short game on some of the most coveted courses in the region.

Request a golf quote on the Dayton House website and get free rounds of golf. It’s that simple. Just fill out a form to help create your perfect golf getaway, and you’ll get a voucher for a free round. You can even request specific courses in the Myrtle Beach area you love.

Ready to take on your list?

For relaxing fun, Myrtle Beach traditions, and on-site dining, Dayton House is the ideal place to get away for a cool-weather escape. This property has hosted generations of families for memorable vacations for decades. Relax, have fun, and enjoy the sunshine. You’ve got all you need here, plus easy access to the ocean, the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, and more.

Stay at Dayton House in Myrtle Beach

A nice place (with a well-appointed room) at a nice price. An amicable staff awaits you to help you to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing stay. Enjoy astonishing ocean views in a location convenient to all the great spots you love in Myrtle Beach. Check out Dayton House amenities and book your stay today.

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