Tips for Traveling to Myrtle Beach with Kids

Millions of people travel to Myrtle Beach each year, and the majority of visitors bring their families along because Myrtle Beach is well-known as a family-friendly destination. If you are flying or driving to Myrtle Beach for a family vacation, consider these helpful tips from the Dayton House Resort for a better experience.

If you are flying to Myrtle Beach, make sure to pack some fun games in your carry-on bag for them to play. A handheld game is great, but you can also try fun “I spy” games and, to keep the kids’ interest, give them special stickers depicting their favorite characters when they see certain items that you have on your list. This can be a fun, interactive game the whole family can play.

If there is something messy nearby, your kids are sure to find it, so make sure to pack wipes or napkins to make cleanup easier if they get messy. Arriving at the airport with children can be hectic, so you may want to arrive at least a half-hour earlier than the recommended two hours before your flight. It is a lot easier to sit for an extra half-hour at the airport than it is to have to run to your plane with your bags and children in tow. Also, make sure to pack your their favorite stuffed animal or blanket in your carry-on bag, as this could be the most important item you bring on your flight.

Depending on where you live, it could be a short drive or a long trek to the Dayton House in Myrtle Beach. For those with a long drive ahead of you, it is important to keep your children busy to help the time go by faster. Audiobooks can be great for kids of all ages. Fairy tales and singing games are great for toddlers, and more complex audio stories like Harry Potter are great ways to pass the time for the older kids. Portable electronic games work great for older kids, but you can also find travel versions of classic board games that everyone can play together. 

When you’re packing, make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen to protect your children from the sun. Your child’s skin can burn very easily, and no one wants to experience a burnt, crying child on vacation. Children’s eyes are also more vulnerable to the sun’s glare, so make sure they have sunglasses and goggles with elastic straps.

Before you load your vehicle, make sure to pack everything you want easy access to separately so you don’t have to dig around in your suitcase on the ride to the beach. Make sure to have a change of kid’s clothes ready for the unexpected messes, a bag of snacks to ward off hunger between meals and a cooler with drinks to quench your thirst. Caffeine and sugary drinks may not be the best choices, so stick with caffeine-free drinks that have less sugar. If you have younger children, try to stop every two to three hours, as it is unrealistic to expect a young child to sit still for longer periods of time. On your drive, consider stopping at a fun tourist trap or two — this will give you a break from driving and can be great fun for everyone. The secret to a great road trip is to take plenty of breaks on your way to the beach.       

If you’re traveling with a child who has special needs, you may want to talk with other parents whose children have similar conditions. A medical bracelet is great for kids with medical conditions and can be useful in case of an emergency. 

Whether you’re flying or driving to The Dayton House in Myrtle Beach, you’re sure to have a few memorable adventures with your family once you arrive — and hopefully even along the way. 

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