Planning the Ultimate Beach Vacation for That Super Hero Mom!

If you are planning a beach vacation to Myrtle Beach and are wondering how to survive with your kids – we have some very good tips on how you can achieve this.  Even though moms are superheros, using their super-powers to:  organize the trip, packing all the necessities, making sure everyone is on time and having fun, and of course, booking a room at the ultimate place for family vacations in Myrtle Beach.

Here is the list of time-saving pointers, money-saving tips and simple beach hacks to make it enjoyable the entire process.

Beach Hacks:

These tips come in handy during the summer and the off-season, when sunny and cloudy conditions still require sunscreen for a day at the beach. Other beach hacks include using zip-lock bags for protecting cellphones and electronics from the sand and for collecting seashells and sharks’ teeth; using baby powder to easily remove sand from sensitive skin; and bringing reusable shopping bags or a wagon for transporting beach toys and gear. The off-season may require a few extra beach toys since the ocean may be too chilly for swimming, but the indoor water facilities are open in any weather.


Stretching your vacation budget is easy with a few simple steps. The first is a must for guests at Dayton House Resort – sign up for our Brittain Rewards program ( It’s free and features lots of great ways to save you time and money, including free and discounted passes to some of the top attractions in town. Guests coming between Dec. 2 and Feb. 29 receive one free admission to Brookgreen Gardens, Ripley’s Aquarium, WonderWorks and more. Dayton House also has free coupon books in the lobby that offer big discounts to attractions, restaurants, shops, entertainment and more.

Packing Tips:

A visit during the off-season requires bringing warmer clothes than during the summer months, like a light windbreaker for a walk on the beach or a cozy coat for sitting out on your oceanfront balcony at nights. But you will still need some summertime items, like a swimsuit, flip-flops and a warm robe for walking to and from the indoor pool area. Another good way to save time and money is to visit the grocery store before your trip to get all the non-perishable food and drink supplies, avoiding a time-consuming shopping trip during your valuable vacation time. If time and space do not allow it, Dayton House Resort is less than 1 mile from the nearest grocery store.

Plan Ahead:

This one is much easier said than done, but you will find the best deals and avoid the biggest headaches by putting in some advanced planning for your vacation. For example,Dayton House offers discounts of up to 35 percent off your stay by booking early, as well as giving you a better chance of getting the room type your family desires. Brittain Resorts membership also assists in this area, sending out early notifications of upcoming specials. Many local attractions and entertainment venues provide early-bird discounts if you purchase tickets in advance.

Now that you have planned your trip, rest relax and countdown to vacation here at Dayton House Resort.

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