An Ideal Destination for Making Lasting Vacation Memories

What happens when you combine 55 years of tradition with the latest in technology and accommodations, then sprinkle in one of the most unique oceanfront settings in Myrtle Beach? You get the Dayton House Resort. The question is not why you should stay here — but rather why would you not stay here.

Accommodations: One of the strengths of Dayton House is its capability to cater to versatile and diverse tastes. Our lack of limitations on accommodations and our ability to please the most demanding of guests is the reason folks keep coming back year after year. So whether you want to be oceanfront or poolside, have a full kitchen or just a fridge, the Dayton House anticipates your needs and lets you make your own choices.

Staff: From the time you check in until the time you check out, the staff at the Dayton House will give you the respect you deserve. Manners are a must for our staff members, who want you to expect the experience of a lifetime. We understand, we empathize, and we pride ourselves on customer service — so make a reservation today and discover the Dayton House experience.

Location: Nestled in the heart of Myrtle Beach, the Dayton House offers proximity to a wide range of popular Grand Strand attractions. This makes the resort one of the area’s most popular destinations for family, beach or golf vacations.

Perspective: Whether you want to relish in the morning sunrise over the majestic Atlantic or play in the waves under the moonlight, your preferences take priority when you stay with us. At the Dayton House, no overbearing rules will limit your vacation expectations — rather, opportunities for adventure abound.

Memories: Your memories are yours and yours alone. The Dayton House will provide the ambience needed to make lasting vacation memories — and you provide the rest. At the Dayton House, that “remember when” moment starts right now.

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